Forget the Price! How Much Does it Really Cost?

When Choosing Wiping Cloths – Forget the Price – How Much Does it Really Cost?

Every day, every one of us is tasked with bringing the best value to our business for one thing or another. What does this really mean? Are we looking for the cheapest price we can possibly find out there? And, are we actually looking at what we are getting for that price?

So often, we hear, “…so and so is giving us the very same product for less money.” But are they really giving you the same product, is it the same quality, the same size, the same thickness, the same weight, is it 100% cotton or is it really cotton/polyester? Has it been pre-washed? Does it really do what’s it’s supposed to do or do you end up using extra or twice as much to get the same job done?

When choosing a wiping cloth, the choice extends beyond the lowest price per pound. Ace-Tex has been in this business for 68 years – we know the business inside-out and yes, we have heard it all before. The guy down the street is giving it to me for 10₵ less per pound…”, “the other company is…”, but are they really? Or, “we switched to shop towels, so much better, cheaper, etc…”. You can find reclaimed textile wiping rags with a wide array of characteristics, such as: softness; absorbency; lint-free; colorfastness; durability. Just think of all the different kinds of textile materials and you can see how each of those can be just the right material for almost any kind of wiping application.

Wiping Cloths/Rags – Reclaimed / New

Rags should be clean and neat when you buy them; you can get brand new rags or pre-washed rags. Ace-Tex carries the highest quality rags in the wiping industry. All of our reclaimed rag material is checked for debris – metal shavings, dirt, etc. All of our material is sorted and graded according to what type of material it is and the quality of the materials. There are many different kinds of fabric to be processed: it may be white or colored; very absorbent or not so much; soft or rough. There are t-shirts, toweling, flannel, plain cotton, new washed knits, surgical huck, denim, flannel and reclaimed hospital blankets and garments and many other varieties of material, all of which have to be sorted, packaged, and directed to the task they are best suited for.

Low price and the ability to use some rags over and over make them a good economical choice-just be sure you are getting what you paying for – check the weight, check the quality of the rag – is it the same grade you were getting before- it probably is on the 1st and maybe even the 2nd delivery; just be aware and keep checking and watch the price. Some of our less than stellar competitors have been known for short-weighting and/or raising the price without letting you know!