DRC (Double Reinforced Crepe) wipers are cost-effective and made from re-cycled materials.  They are a strong, yet soft clothlike wiper. This wiper can be used for medium duty applications.

DRC’s are made of a cellulose enhanced material. These disposable wipers have a binder infused in them that provides an amazing strength when wet and a resilience that keeps them every absorbent. They are soft enough to use on your hands and face, yet tough enough to clean the dirtiest grime.

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  • Low Lint & Residue Free
  • Non-Abrasive
  • Cloth-Like and Disposable


  • Easily Absorbs Oil, Lubricant & Water Based Spills
  • Soft Enough to Use on Face and Hands
  • Preferred General Purpose Wiper for a Multitude of Wiping Tasks

    DRC Wipers Item Information

    Item # Description Wiper Size Packaging
    611 White DRC 40 Flat Packed Paper Wipers 11"x13" 1000 Pieces per case
    611P White DRC 40 Quarter-Folded Paper Wipers 11"x13" 18 Packs of 50 Pieces = 900 Pieces per case
    570 White DRC 50 Rolls Perforated Paper Wipers 8"x12" 250 Sheets per roll – 6 Rolls per case
    571 White DRC 50 Jumbo Roll Perforated Paper Wipers 12"x12" 800 Sheets per roll – 1 Roll per bag
    573 White DRC 50 Center-pull Perforated Paper Wipers 9"x15" 240 Sheets per roll – 1 Roll per disposable box
    3052 White DRC 50 Quarter-Folded Paper Wipers 12.5"x13" 18 Packs of 56 pieces = 1108 Pieces per case
    7005 White DRC 50 Pop-UP Paper Wipers 9"x16.5" 6 Packs of 125 Pieces = 750 Pieces per case
    10203 White DRC 50 Flat Packed Paper Wipers 11"x14" 25 Pounds per case – Gross
    10204 Blue DRC 50 Flat Packed Paper Wipers 12"x12" 25 Pounds per case – Gross
    43150 White DRC Bulk Packed Quarter-Folded Paper Wipers 12"x13" 20 Pounds per case – Gross
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