Polyester Tackcloth

Made in the USA

The tackcloth that we produce is the finest available for surface preparation – especially for automotive paint lines and plastic parts. We have several grades available for use in different surface preparation processes. We customize our tackcloth products for the automotive, paint and furniture finishing industries. Our tackloth is manufactured right here in our Detroit plant, which helps facilitate strict quality control measures. This insures the production of the highest quality tackcloth available.


Features 90 Series 95 Series 80 Series
100% Polyester Substrate  x x x
Double Loop   x
Apertured x x
Tight Knit   x
Heat Sealed Cut Edges   x x x
Knitted Edges   x x x
Non-Hazardous x x x
No VOC’s x x x
Tackifier Can be Applied from Ultra-Light to Heavy x x x


80 Series – Hi loft, best for heavy sanding operations

90 Series – Universal use, extremely snag resistant, best cloth for sanding

95 Series – Apertured substrate for light and medium sanding operations

Universal Uses

  • Removing surface dust and particles from painted parts
  • Removing dust prior to clear coating
  • Removing sanding dust from car bodies or wood furniture before painting or varnishing
  • Tacking off
  • Painting preparation
  • Dust Removal from equipment and furniture


  • 100% Polyester
  • Our resin is solvent free, non-hazardous, no VOC’s and non-EPA regulated


  • Flat Packed
  • 100 Sheets per Sealed Bag
  • 2 Sealed Bags per Case
  • 200 Sheets per Case

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