Ace-Tex Brings Experience and Know-How to Your Paint Surface Problems

Ace-Tex Enterprises is a leading manufacturer of tack cloth and Static Reducing Wipers and as a result of this we are often asked to look at various dings and mars on paint surfaces to see if we can determine what the cause of these defects might be.
Of course, being the experts that we are – we can usually find the cause in a relatively short time. If we don’t know or are not sure, we know where to go and who to ask. It is not often that our field representatives are stumped, but every once in a while they might need a little extra help.
Because of our longstanding reputation and integrity Ace-Tex has access to some incredible resources- people like the “Dirt Doctor” at one of the top automotive companies in the US, or we can go right straight to the people who are doing the job and get their input or even call in a chemist – whatever it takes, we do it.
Between the knowledge and experience of our people here at Ace-Tex and the knowledge and experience of those “outsiders” we occasionally call, we must have at least 100 years of knowledge and experience between us. That is something you cannot get from everyone.
Ace-Tex is willing to share that knowledge with our customers. We are more than willing to answer your questions, to make suggestions and to help you resolve your paint and surface defect problems. Just give us a call!
For those of you who are new to the world of surface preparation products and the defects that can occur, the following pages will help you out immensely. This is a list of the common terms and explanations of the various defects and surface problems that can arise in the industry.