Ace-Tex Enterprises is proud to have been offering a wide variety of wiping and absorbent materials for the automotive industry for almost 70 years. We are especially proud of our SRW®. It is one of the most popular surface preparation materials used in the automotive industry today. This product provides one of the most exceptional paint finishes obtainable.

Our products have been tested and re-tested and have been proven to be unsurpassed on the market. Between our SRW®, polyester tackcloth and a wide variety of tube wipers we are able to offer the finest paint finishes in the entire industry. And, we manufacture the SRW® and tackcloth right here in Detroit – real “made in the USA products”.

Tackcloth is used in auto finishing, painting and any other application needing a quality dust removal cloth. Our tack cloth is made with non-hazardous resins and is available in either cotton or polyester. Ace-Tex’s tube wipers are the industry’s benchmark for lint-free wiping cloths in automotive paint processes. These continuous filament polyester absorbent wipers are specifically made to our strict specifications which insure quality and consistency. Tube wipers are more durable than other substrates and prevent “shedding” when snagged or caught on sharp or rough surfaces.

We supply all of our automotive products in a wide range of sizes for individual use or large quantities for industrial use.

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