Static Reducing Wiper – SRW®

Made in the USA

Our proprietary static reducing wipers (SRW®) are used by major car manufacturers, OEM's, and body shops throughout the world. These wipers improve the surface of plastic or raw metal before paint is applied – drastically reducing paint defects. Proudly developed and manufactured in Detroit, Michigan.

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Numerous automobile manufacturers, such as Ford, Chrysler and Mercedes, are using this product to insure the smoothest surface possible before applying that first layer of paint. SRW® is OEM approved and highly effective in reducing static charge in the paint process. We call SRW® the “Miracle Cloth”- it also works wonders in the removal of dust from electronic and electric equipment and is used as a surface preparation material for producing glass & plastic parts.


  • Lint Free
  • Non-Hazardous and No Volatile Compounds (VOC)
  • Knitted and Heat Sealed Cut Edges
  • Manufactured Under SPC Control
  • 100% Polyester Substrate
  • Eliminates Marring & Tackifier Transfer
  • 3 Bar Warp Knit Substrate
  • High Loop or Single Loop


  • Surface Preparation in Paint Process
  • Clear Coat Sanding
  • Spot Repairs
  • Tack-Off Operations
  • Paint Repair Applications
  • One-Step Preparation of Fiberglass & Plastic Surfaces
  • Cleaning of Electronic Equipment & Parts
  • Removal of Dirt, Fiber & Particles From Plastic & Electronic Parts
  • Dust Removal from Furniture, Wood and Leather


  • 100% Polyester Construction
  • Our Resin is Solvent Free, Non-Hazardous, No VOC’s, and Non EPA Regulated

Static Reducing Wiper Item Information

Item # Description Wiper Size Packaging
2100 Flat Packed Static Reducing Wipers 9″x18″ or 9″x12″ 100 Sheets per Sealed Bag – 3 Sealed Bags Per Case = 300 Sheets Per Case
2850 Flat Packed Static Reducing Wipers 9″x18″ or 9″x12″” 100 Sheets per Sealed Bag – 2 Sealed Bags Per Case = 200 Sheets Per Case

Ace-Tex will perform a trial run at your plant and train your technicians on how to properly use SRW®. Our success rate with this product has been astounding—let us show you how to reduce defects, increase efficiency and lower your repair costs.

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