Pre-Moistened Wipers

Everspun wipes are designed for final cleanup when low linting and clean surfaces are critical to the next step in the manufacturing process. Pre-measured solvent application on each wipe assures process control by minimizing operator variation. This high strength, polypropylene composite laminate is very strong and will not deteriorate under VOC exposure.



  • Low Lint
  • Non-Abrasive
  • Reduces VOC Exposure
  • Pre-Measured Solvent Application on Each Wipe


  • Surface Preparation
  • Designed for Final Cleanup
  • Can be Used for Degreasing / Machinery
  • Used for Wiping Off Contaminants

Pre-Moistened Wipers Item Information

Item # Description Wiper Size Packaging
1114 Everspun® Pre-Moistened Quarter-Folded Wipes 11″x17″ and 14.5″x17″ 12 Bags of 50 Pieces per case = 600 Pieces

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