Non-Woven Tackcloth

Universally used, Chicopee’s Chix® Surface Preparation products improve the paint process by reducing contamination. I-tack is designed to swiftly and cleanly remove contaminants prior to painting, this automotive I-Tack contains a water-based tackifier, and is compatible with all paint types –water based and solvent based. The cloths are cost efficient because they can be used up to 8 times (on different sides). The I-Tack doesn’t leave any sticky residue or bad smells on either your hands or the car body. Ace-Tex is the only Master Distributor of this product in the U.S.




  • Solvent Free Synthetic Coating
  • No Marring, Almost Zero Residue
  • Can Be Used Near Ovens
  • Great Dirt Loading Capacity
  • Compatible With Water-Based Paints


  • General Purpose Wiper
  • Can be Used in Controlled Environments
  • Good for Removing Sanding Dust
  • Automobile Equipment & Furniture Cleaning
  • Effectively Removes Dust & Foreign Matters Prior to Painting

    Chix® I-Tack Item Information

    Item # Description Wiper Size Packaging
    74235 Green I-Tack Super Tackcloth 14.5″x24″ 25 Sheets per Bag – 16 Bags Per Case = 400 Sheets per Case

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