The Benefits and Applications of Tack Cloth

So many people ask us what is tack cloth, so following is a quick and simple explanation provide by Ace-Tex.

What is a Tack Cloth?

by Industrial Degreasers on March 21, 2013 in Ecolink News

A variety of tools and items are used in industries where a substrate must be primed for finishing processes. Tack rags or cloths make it easy to remove contaminants such as dust from the surface before applying a coating. The cloth prevents resin or contaminants from creating imperfections in the applied coating. Tack cloths are treated with materials to create a unique wiping aid designed to easily remove loose particles from the surface of a part, car body, or wood-based item. They are an indispensable aid in industries where a substrate must be prepared for painting, coating, or lamination. A regular cotton rag is often applied by individuals or companies who are not aware of the benefits provided by tack cloths. 
Cotton based rags not containing the tack material frequently leave lint or resin on the substrate. These particles decrease the overall quality of the finish by generating blemishes or other imperfections. A tack cloth ensures all particles are removed easily and creates a polished finish unlike any other. The product consists of cheesecloth saturated with materials such as beeswax or varnish to provide an exceptionally clean surface. They are designed for one time application as rinsing for reuse would cause particles or resin to be left over after wiping has been completed. Manufacturers make these items extremely affordable since they cannot be reused and tag cloths are essential for cleaning in certain industries.

The Multiple Applications and Benefits of Tack Rags 
Several industries, hobbyists, and individuals use tack cloths to improve the quality of their products or crafts. They are most suitable for smaller surfaces or parts where dust or contaminants can be wiped off in a small amount of time. Certain designs provide better results in woodworking areas such as furniture or cabinetry making. Alternative tack cloth products may be used to prepare automotive pieces or entire car bodies for painting. Make sure you have chosen the right design to prevent harm to the base area or imperfections after the finish has been applied. Tack cloths supply specific advantages over choosing traditional cotton rags including:

• A Clean Surface

• Lint Free Results

• Simple To Use

• Portable

• Convenient

• Inexpensive

The cloths carry a rather low price tag and provide a simple solution for quickly wiping down a surface prior to finishing. They do not have to be washed for reuse and an individual can be certain all contaminants are removed without having to perform additional tasks such as picking out lint. Tack cloths continue to advance as new materials are discovered and used to create unique wiping qualities. It is important to properly evaluate the substrate to be cleaned, applied finish, and additional qualities before selecting a rag for dust or particle removal to ensure it will not harm the surface or the final products appearance. By taking time to understand how a particular tack rag will affect the surface, you will be able to take advantage of the many benefits offered by this handy preparation aid.

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