Ace-Tex Answers Your Questions About Static Reducing Wipers – SRW®

We recently answered the question, “What is tack cloth?” Now let’s tackle SRW®.

SRW® is one of Ace-Tex’s most innovative products on the market! SRW® is the latest example of a new solution for the surface preparation process. In the automotive industry, the SRW® is used to clean the surface just before the paint is applied. SRW® does not leave any lint, dust or dirt particles on the surface as any of these contaminants would create defects that are highly visible in the paint finish of automobiles. SRW® is OEM approved and utilized at all major OEM’s in the USA and Mexico to improve pass through rates.

Ok, what is a pass through rate? Basically, it is the percentage of cars that go through the paint process without having to be reprocessed and/or repaired. There’s your pass through rate. Ace-Tex is extremely proud of the results that are being achieved through the use of SRW® in automotive plants everywhere.

SRW® has been designed to eliminate the static differentials when sanding clear coat.  Any time clear coat is sanded static charges are generated in and around the sanded areas. 

SRW® is also designed to pick-up the sanding dust and fine particulate dust created when sanding. The static differentials in and around the sanded area should be eliminated to prevent paint defects. The SRW® will pick up the sanding dust and eliminate the static differentials at the same time.

The static reducing agent is water-soluble; therefore water or any liquid will cause problems in the paint process; SRW® has to be used dry!

SRW®  has had proven success in Heavy Sand, Reprocess, E-Coat Scuff, and on the main color line for new operators to eliminate marring and resin transfer.

When using SRW® there will not be any resin transfer. SRW® provides a 1 step surface preparation process that eliminates solvent or anti-static fluid washing!

SRW® is as powerful cloth that reduces static electric charges – tackcloth cannot do that!

It is also an amazing product for dust and particle removal.

As a dry wiper, the SRW® can also be used to pick up dirt and dust, and it neutralizes static charges on electronic equipment and furniture. This static reducing effect, achieved through an active negative ion exchange, minimizes the amount of dust being attracted to the wiped surfaces.  Less dust will settle and accumulate on dashboards, TV’s, radios, computers and even furniture. It even helps to repel the dust so that it stays dust-free longer and your dashboard looks like new!

We call SRW® the “Miracle” cloth, give it a try and become a believer!


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